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More Interviews and Higher Salaries - Free Resume Tips
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Tons of Interviews and a Higher Salary
Presenting the Perfect Image is Vital
  Having a professionally written resume is of paramount importance in managing the image you present to employers. The stronger the skill and experience descriptions are in your resume -- the higher the number of interviews and salary offers you receive.

It's Your Time to Shine
  You have special gifts and abilities. If you develop them properly, you can use them to achieve all of your goals. If you are committed to creating a fulfilling career, you must uncover these special gifts and abilities and dedicate yourself to developing and sharpening them.
The most powerful resume you can write is one that showcases your unique abilities and talents. Simply Nonfiction has invented a strategic system to create a resume that highlights your Unique Talents and Abilities.
This will help you attain more interviews, help you win your dream job and help you earn the higher salary you and your loved ones deserve.
  Your ability to generate a generous income for yourself and your family is the most important asset you possess. A well-written resume is one of your most powerful possessions because it allows you to leverage your earning power -- the most important financial asset you possess.
  Even seasoned executives can find it difficult to write a powerful resume. Most people feel a tad uncomfortable talking about their career accomplishments and expressing them on paper. Our innovative Unique Talents and Abilities Resume Writing System can help you overcome the inhibitions and shyness that may be holding your career back. We love to feel the thrill of excitement as we help clients create a resume that truly showcases their special qualities. Prepare to get excited -- our proven, effective Unique Talents and Abilities Resume Writing System is going to take your career to a higher summit than you've ever been on before.
Benefits You'll Gain From Our Unique Talents and Abilities Resume Writing Service
1. You will get more interviews because your resume showcases your unique strengths and makes you stand out.
2. Your resume becomes a powerful career tool -- helping potential employers to positively remember you.
3. Knowing that you have a strong resume that presents your best attributes helps people remember you.
4. Because your resume will emphasize your key career accomplishments, it will direct  the flow of the interview and help you win the job.
What Simply Nonfiction Resume Services Offers as a Professional Resume Writing Company
  We are experts at creating powerful resumes. We have invented the Unique Talents and Abilities Resume Writing System which produces phenomenal results. We truly care about our clients and are experts at helping them win their dream job.
  Additionally, Simply Nonfiction Resume Writing Service is a company that thrives on studying the latest advertising techniques. Our Unique Talents and Abilities Resume Writing Service uses proven advertising strategies that produce resumes that are, quite frankly, phenomenal. Customers tell us that their resumes get selected from pools of 500 to 2,000 plus resumes -- and that they land the interview -- and get hired!
  Most importantly, by asking the strategic career questions we've learned from developing our Unique Talents and Abilities system, we can quickly obtain key data from clients that elevates their self-confidence by leaps and bounds. Once we re-write your resume, you're going to feel as if you've been given a new lease on life. It's as if your career is going to be played out on a whole new level.
Our Strategic Resume Writing Process
  We have mastered the skill of creating powerful Unique Talents and Abilities Resumes in an average of 7 hours. We have developed a system that allows us to strategically analyze the key skills needed for particular industries and market each candidate's strongest traits and achievements to ideally match the position and salary desired. You send your resume, we ask you specific career quesitons and we use your answers and your career goals to rewrite your powerful new Unique Talents and Abilities Resume.
Timeframe For Completing Your Resume
  Generally, we like to have 3 to 5 business days to complete your resume. If you're in a rush, e-mail us a note and we'll let you know if we can speed up the process for you.  We will analyze your resume and career goals and then e-mail you specific career questions to zero in on your career strengths.
The Nuts and Bolts of Getting Started
1. E-mail us your resume as a word attachment in .doc format to
2. E-mail us 2-3 paragraphs explaining the types of positions you want along with a short description of your career goals and desired salary to
3. E-mail us the copy from 2-3 advertisements for the types of positions you desire. If you're in the top salary brackets, where positions aren't usually advertised, write a brief summary of the types of skills you feel are most needed for the types of positions you are seeking. You may copy and paste the information from the ads into the body of your e-mail and into a word document and e-mail the ads to
4. We will send billing information after we receive your order. The fee is $65 for resumes if you're seeking a position for $65,000 or less and $85 for resumes if you're seeking a position for more than $65,000 annually.
You Will Receive Your Resume Via E-mail and Retain the Master File
  Your beautiful Unique Talents and Abilities Resume will be sent to you via e-mail and you can save it to your hard drive or floppy disk.
  We  hope you're as excited as we are about having a Unique Talents and Abilities Resume that effecitvely and strategically highlights your career skills. We're sincerely looking forward to working with you.

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Jumpstart your Career -- E-mail your resume today!

  Seize the day -- the sooner you e-mail us your resume and we begin implementing the innovative Unique Talents and Abilities process to strategically showcase your special strengths -- the sooner you'll be enjoying a wonderful new job.

E-mail your resume and career goal info to