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Favorite Prayers for Mark
Instilling the Desire to Learn
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My Dearest God,

  I pray that Mark will have a deep reverence for You and Your ways. May Mark hide Your Word in his heart like a treasure, and seek after understanding like silver or gold. Give Mark a good mind, a teachable spirit, and an ability to learn. Instill in Mark a desire to attain knowledge and skill, and may Mark have joy in the process.
  Most importantly, Lord, I pray that Mark will be taught by You, for  Your Word says that when our children are taught by You they are guaranteed peace.
  I pray that Mark will respect the wisdom of his parents and be willing to be taught by both Brock and myself. May Mark also have the desire to be taught by the teachers you bring into his life. Handpick each one, Lord, and may they be godly people from who he can easily learn. Please handpick the new principal for Holy Name Catholic School too Lord, and let it be a godly principal who will lead the school and the students to great success. Please bless Sister Annice.
  Let my wonderful son Mark find favor with his teachers and have good communication with them. Help Mark to excel in school and do well in any classes he may take. Make the pathways of learning smooth for Mark and continue to bless him with clarity of thought, strong organizational skills, a strong memory and strong learning ability. Please especially Lord help Mark continue to grow in his creative writing skills -- let the Holy Spirit bless him with an abundance of ideas and a strong desire to write them down.
  I say to Mark according to Your Word, "Apply your heart to instruction, and your ears to words of knowledge," (Proverbs 23:12). "May the Lord give you understanding in all things" (2 Timothy 2:7). Lord, enable Mark to experience the joy of learning more about You and Your world.
  Most importantly Lord, please bless me and send the Holy Spirit to help me Michele Glance Rooney so that I will be even more devoted to being a good mother to Mark and to all of my precious children.

Have faith in God